Group Leader: Nate Noelker

Phone: (216)645-9077



Group Leader: Todd Moszer

Email: ktgpcksilat@gmail.com

Port Huron, Michigan

Port Huron, Michigan Training Group

  • Group Leader: Guru Robert Freiberg
  • PCK International Director for the State of Michigan
  • Port Huron, MI
  • Contact: rrf1975@yahoo.com


Mobile, Alabama

 Mobile, Alabama Training Group

  • Group Leader: Guru Bryan Jacobs
  • PCK International Board Member
  • Military Director
  • Contact: bryan.jacobs89@gmail.com (760) 994-6421


Board Bryan

Copy of Bryan's 2015 card

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Training Group

  • Group Leader: Brendan Lanza
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • PCK International Director of Malaysia
  • Contact: brendanlanza@yahoo.com (601) 636-79174


Toronto, Ontario


  • Group Leader: Mike Allen
  • Zirger Academy
  • 927 Dupont St. Toronto, Ontario
  • Contact: info@zirgeracademyjkd.com   (416) 892-9592  zirgeracademyjkd.com


Knoxville, Tennessee

Knoxville/Secret, Tennessee City Training Group

  • Group Leader: Christopher Myers
  • Knoxville, TN
  • Contact: cmyers25@vols.utk.edu



Plainsboro, New Jersey

Plainsboro, New Jersey Training Group

  • Group Leader:Timothy Crea
  • Contact: timothyCrea@gmail.com
  • Plainsboro, NJ


Boone, North Carolina

Boone, North Carolina Training Group

IMG_4791 (2)

PCK Brazil

Brazil Training Group

    • Group Leader: Master Paulo Albuquerque
    • PCK International Director for South America
    • Contact: Coming Soon


Start a New PCK Training Group

Become an Affiliate Instructor

The Affiliate Instructor (AI) program is perfect for those who do not live near any of our certified schools in the USA or in any other country around the world. The only requirements are that an individual or existing school needs to have good core values towards honor, respect, truth, tradition and the will to become a better person through training in PCK Silat. There is no prior training or martial arts experience required to be an AI. When one begins as an AI, he or she would not only begin learning the PCK material, but would also be training as an instructor. Instruction would be different from just a regular student, AI instruction is specific to not only learn the material but also how to relay concepts and information to others. Once you sign up and are approved for the AI program, you are considered the "Training Group Leader" and the apprentice instructor. This program is specifically designed for newcomers, with or without prior martial arts experience. This way one is not only exposed to the material and curriculum, but he or she will have a group to train with in order to practice the materials and achieve their own understanding of the art. The best way learn is to train, explain what you have learned then teach what is understood. Our program is a unique problem based learning system which accelerates the learning and understanding process. When you begin this process, you will have your students/training partners but will not have the ability to give rank or title at any time. Those qualifications and titles will be given by the PCKI Board of Directors through its testing panel. As one progresses to Guru Muda (new instructor) and Guru Level, the ability to rank your own people in your group increases with the expressed permission from the Board of Directors. This helps to insure quality control within the organization. It also helps build longevity within your own group.  


  • All Affiliate Instructors must register with PCK International with an Official PCK Instructor Membership.
  • Affiliate Instructors have the ability to start their own training group. This is available even for entry level martial artists.
  • Affiliate instructors are the training group leader with roles and responsibilities which include but are not limited to:
  • Coordinating training times and locations.
  • AI are directly responsible for training materials which he or she will gain from seminars, training trips to PCKI headquarters in Michigan and Tennessee, private lessons from qualified approved instructors in the organization etc..
  • As material is learned, the AI will disseminate the training information to the group in an honorable and professional manner to the students of the affiliate group.
  • Those students in your training group are considered your training partners. All members of you group will be treated equally free of politics and egos.
  • Under the AI program you will have the ability to gain status and rank as a student and instructor concurrently.


5 Animals

Certificates and promotions are only awarded in person. This helps assure quality control within PCK.

Promotions are only awarded personally by Guru Besar Jerry Jacobs or his Board Members, at Public Seminars, Group Workshops, Annual Gatherings, Instructor Camps, Private Lessons or other events. If you are a member of the Online Course you may earn rank up to Yellow Sash at which point you will be required to test in person to reach Guru Muda Rank. It is highly recommended that an Affiliate Instructor host Guru Besar Jerry Jacobs or one of the qualified senior instructors from the PCKI Board for a Seminar/Workshop one or two times a year in order for them to evaluate the level of you and your people, as well as upgrade your skills. You, as the AI will decide how often a qualified senior instructor will come to your location, you (and your group) get your training, and then you teach the follow-up and maintenance of the material. While martial arts schools commonly opt for this method, a training group can be formed and hosted by anyone despite their experience level. All members of your training group need to be registered with PCK International with an official PCK Student Membership in order for either you or us to promote them. With the registration of a student membership, the student receives the official PCKI passport, PCK Handbook, PCK Patch and Membership Certificate.