Pukulan Cimande Pusaka (PCP) is an art taught and developed by Pendekar Willam Sanders. Sanders was a high ranking student of Guru John Malterer (a direct student of Master Willy Wetzel). PCP is a combination of influences including but not limited to: Cimande Tarik Kolot, Pamacan, Sera, Sera Kombinasi, Pukulan Tjimindie and Cikalong. Sanders took his training in Pukulan Tjimindie with Guru Malterer and refined it by training with various instructors including but not limited to: The De Thouars (Serak), Pendekar Eddie Jaifri, Pendekar Sirait, Pendekar Mama Sukarma and various other teachers.

His art is based on the foundation of Mas Jud's Sera and Tarik Kolot Cimande. PCP uses 11 main principles: Penetration, Continuous Flow and Camouflage, Adhesion, Bamboo, Off-Timing, Compacting, Thorn, Decoying, Destruction, Body Armor and Trapping. PCP also teaches a 12th principle called "The Thread". This is where 11 of our 18 Principles in PCK Silat come from.

Pendekar Sanders also teaches Ilmu Suropati and refined the use of the "Circle of Creation" which is the "Master Key" of Pukulan Cimande Pusaka.

 Pukulan Cimande Pusaka is one of the main influences on our Silat. Guru Besar Jerry trained extensively with Pendekar Sanders for many years and received the highest honor and title of "Guru Besar" of PCP from Pendekar Sanders in 2004 along with the Rank of Golden Dragon. He also received the Black Naga Award from Pendekar Sanders in 2008. Through his training he learned the material within PCK Silat's curriculum from the Wetzel Lineage.

Sanders took the information from Malterer in his own direction, adding and subtracting material as he felt necessary as he trained with new teachers. His art was as fascinating as it was deadly. When Guru Besar Jerry began his training with Sanders the art was built around the 18 standing Jurus he recieved from the De Thouars. These Jurus are no longer taught by Sanders.This is where our 4 animal systems come from as well.

In the early 2000's Sanders began training in traditional Cimande, learning the 33 Cimande Jurus (Girang) from Bapak Mushtaq Ali, and 21 Cimande Jurus (Tarik Kolot) from Pendekar Mama Sukarma. Guru Besar Jerry learned both forms of the Jurus during his training. Along with these Jurus he recieved (also from Pendekar Mama's teachings) Sera Jurus, Pamacan Jurus, Trumbu Jurus and Cimande Selancar.

Pendekar Sanders Lineage




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